NDT Training & certification

MPP organizes the training and certification of our customers’ personnel according to normative requirements as designated by each customer (EN4179, NAS410, …). All of the courses are taught by a level III instructor can be given in our Training Center located at our Liège office. We have dedicated lecture and study spaces as well as practical learning areas and provide all NDT equipment during lessons and for practical tests. Certified exams are administered by a level III instructor.

If you have your own equipment and available space for training; courses, exams, and practical tests can be organized on site. Regarding the programming of the courses: sessions are planned according to your own availability.

MPP provides training on 8 non-destructive testing processes for industry and aeronautics. We use our laboratory equipment on all types of material/ parts during training. Material/ part types include, but are not limited to: machining, casted, composite fabrication, or additive manufacturing.

At the end of the training, MPP tests the acquired knowledge of the participants and awards them a certification if successful.

The training provided is the theoretical part of the training. To obtain definitive certification, the participant will have to complete a number of hours of practice in the field depending on the method of NDT and the level of certification.

Examples of NDT training and their content


Other trainings can be dispensed on demand:

penetrant, magnetic, digital radiography, shearography, CT scan, radioprotection

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